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  • Contemporary connections: Type-C USB

    In the world of technology, change is constant as manufacturers continually search to incorporate the latest innovation into their products to improve performance and enrich their customers’ experience. A good example is the recent development of the Type-C USB, which is likely in time to relegate most other cables and sockets to the bin.

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  • Want to install a USB powerpoint into a brick wall? Here’s what you need

    Even if your customer has brick walls, or a tight cavity space, you can install USB powerpoints. Here’s what you need

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    The fastest USB powerpoints are now even faster - 2 x 2.4A

    Matching the latest tech gadget upgrades, we’re now offering our award-winning dual USB charging modules and powerpoints with 2 x 2.4A outlets. That’s a total capacity of 4.8A for each module. This means your customers with the latest tablets can charge two at top speed simultaneously, hours faster than competitor USB powerpoints.

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