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Konichiwa Japan! Meditation, slippers and karaoke at the 2015 Master Electrician conference

Here’s an amusing thought: a room full of Master Electricians in the lotus position trying to get in touch with their inner zen and rid themselves of thoughts: jobs, bills, what will I have for lunch, I wonder how the Wallabies are faring, I think I overdid the sake last night.

Two of us here at HPML HQ, Mr Peter Ashurst, our GM of Trade Sales and Steve Wilson, our Project Manager for Queensland, were lucky enough to kick-off to Kyoto, Japan for a few days of networking and learning at the Master Electricians 2015 Industry Conference.

Pete tells us his new, calmer business demeanour is thanks to lessons in meditation from temple monks. We have noted Pete’s calmer aura. But whether it was the meditation lessons, guest speaker Doc’s de-stressing tips, or ear-bashing with a great bunch of people, we cannot judge.

From all reports, Japan proved to be a surprising and inspiring host country for Master Electrician’s excellent conference. We’ve rounded up a little feedback and compiled a list of the Top 3 Things We’d Like to Import from Japan

  • Skinkansen (bullet) trains – imagine if we had these marvels rocketing up to 560kms/hr between Newcastle and Sydney, or Noosa and Brisbane!
  • Awesome public transport and public transport etiquette – the Japanese know how to move millions of people, quickly. And they know how to queue, remain quiet so as to not disturb others, and take litter to a bin
  • Little hot towels with meals

If you’ve visited Japan, what would you add to the above list?

Here are a couple of images from the conference:

And, here are a few things we noted whilst meandering through noodles of lanes and zen garden paths:

  • SwitchboardExposed and beautiful switchboard action
  • Work bootsToe-hugging work boots
  • High-vis hasn't taken offHigh-vis hasn’t taken off. It’s mint green and khaki all the way. With bandanas
  • Serious guard dogsSerious guard dogs

For more pics of the conference visit Master Electricians’s Facebook page here

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