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Gemcell Product of the Year 2015: We won!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  To all the Gemcell members who voted for the Excel Life Dual USB Module in this year’s Gemcell Product of the Year, we salute you.

We’re super glad you like it and appreciated the extra steps we took to give it a higher performance rating and squeeze two ports in the one module. It’s great to know you value quality for end-users too.

If you haven’t read the article in the latest Electrical Gems magazine, it’s worth taking a quick read. We love that the writer has a sense of humour. Here’s the wordsmith in action: “With technological innovation now moving faster than Clive Palmer at an all-you-can-eat buffet, it seems every week sees the release of some supposedly world-changing doodad”. Ha!

Technology is certainly moving faster and we’ve got a big secret to reveal very soon. To be the first to know, sign-up for updates here

For more information on the Excel Life Dual USB Module and USB Powerpoint click here

Gemcell Chairman Bernie O’Neill (Centre) with HPM Legrand National Trade Sales Manager Peter Ashurst (Right) and National Commercial Manager Tosh Bourke


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  • It’s true, technology is moving even faster now than before. We better keep our eyes and heart open to come up with better solution to the highly-technical world out there.

    Excel life dual USB module is one of the best innovations there is. From being just a concept to now being a real product. This will definitely save users space and the need to carry with them a charger socket all the time. There’s extra USB ports available on wall sockets. Hopefully, this kind of wall socket becomes a standard.