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Como: Why it’s your go-to range for aged care facilities

With the aged care sector continuing to boom, we are developing a suite of products specifically to suit the needs of aged care facilities, retirement homes and the like. The Como range is our first cab off the rank for this important growth sector.

For those of you with long memories, you’ll remember Como was launched by HPM several years ago. Since then we’ve given it a mini-overhaul – keeping the popular large dollies, and incorporating new Legrand smarts such as superfast USB sockets, automatic switch modules, and miniature emergency light modules. The range is now branded Legrand and shares many modules with Arteor and Excel Life.

Take a look at some of the new product highlights:

No Touch Switch
Activated by waving a hand within 50mm of the switch plate, it’s perfect for people with limited hand flexibility. These can also be used for auxiliary switching with taps, doors and more.

Cat No. 572051 + CMAR2MSF + CM910PLWE


Miniature Emergency Light
Illuminates automatically during a power failure. It can also be detached from the wall and used as a torch.

Cat No. 572222 + CMAR2MSF + CM910PLWE


Skirting Lights
Can be customised to throw light all the time, or when movement is detected. These are ideal for creating light paths to improve visibility and prevent falls.

Cat No. 572221 + CMAR2MSF + CM910PLWE


USB Powerpoint
With a total 4.8A charging capacity (2 x 2.4A sockets), these are the fastest chargers on the market. Users can charge the latest phones, tablets, and fitness bands at their maximum charging capacity.

Available October 2015



Automatic Switches
An ideal hands free solution, lighting is switched on when movement is detected.

Cat No. 572053 + CMAR2MSF + CM910PLWE


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